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Marketing Specialist

Date Position Available: Immediately

Market service to certain clients and consumers. Help company achieve objectives and revenue goals. Establish milestone and objectives. Oversee the development of advertising, public relations and all marketing communications to meet service objectives. Work with marketing manager to ensure the process is efficient.

Ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. Participate in cross-functional teams to execute product development plan. Conduct periodic service analysis and optimize as needed. Create advertisements, webcasts, websites and direct mail. Identify media outlets for press releases and promotions. Enforce brand marketing guidelines in trademarks, logos, and publications. Help with developing and tracking budgets. Measure success of various marketing campaigns.

Check out the additional info below for requirements and how to apply.

Additional Info

Job Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising/Marketing or Communication & 12 months experience in any marketing or internship position.
How to Apply
Send Resume to: Point Operations Inc. 16027 Ventura Blvd, Ste 604 Encino, CA 91436.