How Cardio Can Improve Your Life

While we’ve been told that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, science has shown that the best way to stay healthy inside and out involves regular, moderate exercise. Because regular aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping, cardio-based activities can lead to better circulation, improved brain function, and much, much more. As study after study shows, any kind of cardio exercise, when done regularly, can improve memory, lift your mood, and protect your brain and body from the cognitive and physical decline that comes with aging.

“Regular aerobic exercise allows your heart to use oxygen more efficiently”

Fit Brains and Good Moods

While Alzheimer’s and dementia often strike after age 60, studies have shown that physically fit men and women in their forties are significantly less likely to experience cognitive issues later in life. Aerobic exercise can also combat mild depression and anxiety, often as effectively as prescription medication, by helping dissipate stress and promoting relaxation. Regular physical activity reduces the levels of natural stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, and the increased blood flow also provides the brain with a steady supply of energy and oxygen.

Take it to Heart

It’s often said that the heart is the engine of the body, which is why you want to keep it in optimal shape. Regular aerobic exercise allows your heart to use oxygen more efficiently, which puts less strain on your heart and lungs and keeps the heart muscle from stiffening. In addition, runners, swimmers, and walkers report lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels when compared to sedentary people. Finally, regular cardio activity can reverse the heart damage that results from normal aging.

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