I Felt Hopeful for the First Time
Early studies demonstrate ketamine is an effective treatment for anxiety. More trials are underway, but early science suggests that ketamine offers longer lasting anxiety treatment with fewer side effects than traditional drug therapies. Ketamine treats anxiety through infusions that help increase the communication between the nerve cells and the brain.
We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we’ve developed with our patients. We hear all the time how our efforts have significantly improved their health and wellbeing of individuals suffering from treatment-resistant mood disorders, including anxiety.
For Joe, anxiety had sapped all the health, happiness, and peace from his life. While he diligently searched for treatments, he was still suffering from treatment-resistant anxiety. He discovered PointKetamine when researching other treatment options. The results have been tremendous.
I feel happy, uplifted and a sense of joy during the infusions. I notice the positive effects within hours,” he says. Health and happiness before the treatment was something I’d been missing. Now, what’s missing is that heavy sense of anxiety and pressure that was always sitting on my shoulder and weighing heavy on my mind.  

“In the past, feeling anxious about something would have ruined my day, but now I can perceive that it is a normal thing to worry, but not something to take me to the edge and ruin my day,” adds Joe.

“… I can say, ‘it’s no big deal, here’s the way we can work towards a solution- without having to be dependent on anti-depression medication. It’s just normal life now.’ I feel more confident and optimistic about the future, and I’m excited about the next step in the process.”

Watch Joe's Journey of Transformation to learn more.

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