Those suffering from chronic pain often struggle to find the right solution to manage pain without the severe side effects associated with over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs. One type of chronic pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) manifests in several ways and can include hypersensitivity, burning sensations, and pain in the limbs. These conditions can be debilitating, with impacts that last months or even years. Ketamine treats CRPS by inhibiting the release of pain-causing chemicals within the body. Additionally, ketamine can subdue the symptoms of CRPS for weeks and sometimes months.

We’re so lucky because our patients are usually our biggest cheerleaders. They feel passionate about the care they have received and want to tell the story about their ketamine treatment journey.

For Debra, CRPS had a severe impact on her health, happiness, and mobility. After a particularly debilitating fall, Debra was scheduled for a series of surgeries that threatened to aggravate her CRPS symptoms. That’s when she heard about PointKetamine.

“I began my treatments about a year ago after being diagnosed with regional pain disorder,” she says. “I went in with the mantra with taking my pain away and to get my body prepared for the surgeries because I was told the trauma could reactivate my CRPS.
“Now, I look forward to these treatments because I have emotional and physical challenges and the infusions give me clarity,” she explains. “It’s an amazing, enlightening feeling – it’s like a purging of what we tend to hold on to.”

Curious if ketamine is the right treatment for you?